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Magam Trophy 2013 is approaching

Magam Trophy 2013 is approaching 

mini3 -  Time of the rally: 30th April - 4th May 2013
-  Two routes and classes: Extreme and Adventure
-  Only few days left for the discount fee registration
-  We are peeping the preparations to the rally of the leading teams

The winter conditions don't interrupt the preparations to Magam Trophy 2013 Rally - work on organisation as well as workshop preparation of the cars. This year don't expect any revolution, we are sticking to the old arrangements. When enrolling, you can choose one of the classes: Extreme (any car structure) or Adventure (only electrical winches). As in last year, the competition takes 5 days, including 2 days of bank holiday (called 'long weekend').

Registration list is almost full but it's still extending. There are only few days left to register with the discount fee. For registering teams we have additional bonus (please find all the details on the website The most numerous is, for now, RemX Team (Remek Moenert, Michał Wojciechowski, Adam Babkiewicz, Marek Wiliński i Jarek Naruszewicz), but just behind them there is Team Pomorze 4x4 (Tomasz Gołka, Jarosław Jarzembowski, Remigiusz Skrzypczyński i Piotr Chodalski). We are sill waiting for the confirmation from Robert Kufel. From the interview, we are currently working on, you will be shortly informed about the participation of master of Magam - Marcin Łukaszewski.

As in last year, we expect the competitors from abroad, including the winner of our partner Ladoga Trophy - Roman Briskindov. For now, we have the participation of Slovakian team confirmed.

For Magam Trophy service, the leading competitors, representing Extreme and Adventure classes, have said:

Tomasz Zygarlicki: We have paid the registration fee, so we have only the preparation of the car left. We don't make any serious changes in its structure, just the general roundup, because car needs to be well prepared for Magam. It's difficult to predict our results, because the competition is very strong and everybody seems to be well prepared, so we have to trust in our luck. For now, we do phisical training, we start with the car after the technical roundup.

Paweł Kado: I have been thinking about Magam for a long time. Unfortunately, this year I'm going with new pilot, because Dagobert is expecting his baby at the time. I don't know yet what technical changes we do, but I have really serious plans concerning my car, but for now on, I push them away from my mind. I would like to do the back steering axle, new system of wheel pump that could be steered from the inside, change the clutch, so that winch works independently from the wheels. As usual, I'm going for pure pleasure, to have fun and relax.

Jakub Krysa: The preparations go on. I had the registration fee on my desk. In our car we change the engine, which didn't work properly all last season. The car is currently taken to pieces and waits for the radical repair. We are leaving the same winches - two Giglepins. We couldn't avoid the additional purchases, because all the used parts, as half-shaft and cross have to be changed. We are planning to change the suspension for Fox, because of the old splited shock-absorbers we had an accident. We are changing the colours as well, but it's a secret until Magam.

Tomasz Gołka: I haven't decided yet with whom, but I'm taking the part for sure, with the strong team of five cars. It's additional advantage - discount fee. The car is being rebuild, the new engine too. We have change the suspension, rocking lever, so Kobra could participate also in speed rallies. In the place where I reached 70km/h now I could get to 120km/h. The new Skylin motor is very tempting, with large turbine. We set the power at 370 KM, for now we don't need any more, because it causes the mechanical problems. We are all ready and can't wait. Two new gear boxes, three reductors, spare half-shaft, new rope and additional help to winch - we hope to be dragged on Magam muds even quicker.

Tomasz Gołka / Filip Gołka
Paweł Kado / Dagobert Kubis
Arek Szamszon / Jakub Krysa Tomasz Zygarlicki / Zbigniew Helowicz